Starting into Systems Engineering?

The exponentially increasing complexity of systems requires a systematic approach in the engineering process. How can we involve all relevant stakeholders? How can we ensure that our communication channels work? How can you use model-based systems engineering in this endeavor? We help you with these questions.

What do we offer?

Qualicen offers a systematic analysis of your situation and a goal oriented, measurable approach. For introducing a new approach, we set up your new process together, select the right tool, and communicate the new vision within your team or company.

Why Qualicen?

Our approach combines two aspects: We shape the current state of the craft through combinations of existing and innovative approaches. For this, we find pragmatic and solid solutions that create change in an iterative and sustainable way.

Model-based Systems Engineering

Tackling the complexity of cyber-physical systems, managing reuse whitout sacrificing efficiency, handling hundreds of product variats - all those things can be hard without a proper engineering method. Model-based engineering (MBSE) helps to get a grip on you system. Read our white-paper on MBSE and best practices for its introduction.


Process Consulting

You want to introduce a new (model-based) Systems Engineering process or make your existing one more effective and efficient? With our innovative maturity model, we help you systematically analyze your current situation in all aspects of systems engineering. Afterwards, we compare your status against your goals and derive the necessary next steps and techniques for your team or company. During implementation of the changes, we rely on a systematic, step-wise process, during which each step is aligned with your project goal and visualized in an easy-to-communicate matrix overview.

Systems Engineering Training

Your team needs someone who can communicate the current state of the craft or a new approach in a motivating way? Whether it is UML/SysML, Requirements or Systems Engineering, we support you in building a foundation of knowledge with your team. Our tailored training, which combines this knowledge with your processes, brings your employees on the same page across the whole world. At the end, courses are the crucial step for making your new vision a reality.

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Tool Selection & Customization

Model-based systems engineering comes with a variety of possible tools. Which one fits your needs? Based on a systematic use case analysis, we help you select the right tool for you. And if the selected tool does not offer the necessary functions? Of course, then we can help you also with professional tool customizing.


Something seems fishy or inefficient in your Systems Engineering? We believe that a systematic analysis is the first step for improvement. With the help of standardized questionnaires and interviews and the support of our broad experience in industry and research, we will find out where the problem is. Afterwards, we suggest effective solutions to those challenges and can, of course, also help in implementing them.

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