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Does it feel like your engineering methods and process have gotten a little rusty? Symptoms are: You do things and don’t know the WHY anymore. You do similar things again and again. More and more defects creep into your products. You start losing the overview over the complexity in your products. Let us help you to modernize your engineering with state-of-the-art methods and processes!

Dr. Maximilian Junker Co-founder and Managing Director

We improve your processes in the context of:

Requirements Engineering

From stakeholders to solutions, from user stories to formal requirements. Choosing the right method for requirements engineering can be challenging. To keep quality up and costs low we support you to tailor suitable requirements.

Test Engineering

Are you developing agile and wonder how to organize your regression test? You want to know how best to organize automatic testing? You want to improve your tests quality? No matter what, our experts have a whole toolbox with building blocks to create a testing workflow that works for you.

Systems Engineering

Model-based systems engineering is the talks of the town. If you already using it or just start thinking about it. With our systematic approach we identify where systems engineering can help you, how a suitable systems engineering method for you looks like, and how to introduce it.

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