Our goal is to help practitioners engineer great requirements and tests – and finally: great products!

Driven by this goal, we founded Qualicen in 2015 as a spin-off out of the Technical University of Munich. Today, we deliver unique software and systems engineering services to hundreds of teams for >20 different clients worldwide, enabling them to transform and grow their business. Contact us to learn how we pave the way to the best possible product with companies from automotive, aerospace, insurance, finance, healthcare and the public sector.

Our Core Values:

Quality is part of our DNA

We deliver high quality services and products to create value for our customers. We give our best to reach the highest quality possible in every activity.

We are honest, even if it hurts

Our team work is based on honesty, which leads to trust, better communication, efficiency, and a good working atmosphere. We put honesty above sales. We do not advice things that don’t help our customers.

We are not working in a black box

We communicate transparently both inside and outside the company. Our salary payments and finances are as transparent as possible.

Qualicen is never finished

We are constantly asking ourselves how we can improve. Therefore, we value everyone’s feedback.