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Qualicen is never finished und in kontinuierlicher Veränderung. Dazu gehört auch, dass wir immer wieder neue Mitglieder an Board begrüßen dürfen. Seit November ist Dr. Michael Jastram neu dabei. Vielen von euch kennen ihn z.B. vom Systems Engineering Blog SE Trends oder vom Tag des Systems Engineering der GfSE. Für alle anderen ist es Zeit, ihn näher kennenzulernen!

Henning Femmer: Hallo Michael, willkommen an Bord! Wie waren deine ersten Tage?

Into the Fire - A no less somewhat less nonsense introduction to NLP

Natural Language Processing? - What is NLP?

Language is messy. In our attempts to convey meaning, and emotions to each other, we have come up with some extraordinarily complex structures that need years of learning to grasp. There are countless rules and even more exceptions to those rules but somehow we manage to communicate with each other. The name, scientists have come up with for mess is natural language.

And then there are computers, machines that require a lot of structure to work. NLP is the attempt to make those two worlds meet, to have computers parse, process, and understand the language we use in our daily (natural) lifes. In the coming articles we will have a look at tools, techniques, and methods that help us deal with the chaotic complexity of natural language. We will see the many ways in which NLP will make dealing with language easier, one method at the time. Today we will start with the first:
Regular Expressions