Tired of poor requirements?

Quality defects in RE artifacts can cause expensive consequences in subsequent development activities. Therefore, quality control of RE artifacts is key for successful projects.

What do we offer?

We help you to improve your requirements quality with trainings, reviews and continuous quality control. You are facing issues with requirements quality? Scroll down to find out how we can help!

Why Qualicen?

Since more than 4 years, our customers value us as experts for requirements engineering. Our RE team is headed by Henning Femmer - one of our founders and a world-renowned researcher in RE. Together with his team, he applies the findings from science to practice and improves the way requirements are written and maintained.

Requirements Consulting

Good requirements engineering needs to ensure that all stakeholders have the same understanding. At the same time, it should be efficient and effective and directly tailored to the company and its employees. We will be happy to assist you in improving your RE processes based on our experience in industry and science.


Requirements Training

Join us on the journey to good requirements engineering. We teach you the most important skills through experiments and exercises. From standardized courses according to the International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB) to specially designed courses for you: our dynamic, motivating and experienced trainers look forward to meeting you.


Requirements Audits

We perform an in-depth analysis of your specification document and determine whether it fits your purpose. Together with you we first identify the goals and stakeholders of your requirements engineering documents (e.g. developers, testers, subcontractors). Based on this we review your specification and give you detailed feedback on improving content, description techniques and language.

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