Stop the waste!

Companies in all domains are executing wasteful processes because of miscommunication, missing understanding of the state of the art, and lack of resources. Let us systematically bring light into your situation with two easy steps: First, we analyze your documents and processes and listen to your people. Then, we draw a map of your main challenges and how you can address them. And with this systematic plan, let's solve those challenges together.

Dr. Henning Femmer Co-founder and Senior Consultant

We perform audits for:

Requirements Engineering

Do you repeatedly miss important requirements and loose time explaining what you actually mean? We analyze your situation based on our broad experience and employing state of the art manual and automated techniques.

Test Engineering

Are you drowning in test cases of mediocre quality? Let us help you understand what you need to change and guide you towards an efficient and effective system testing process.

Systems Engineering

Something seems fishy or inefficient in your Systems Engineering? We believe that a systematic analysis is the first step for improvement.

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