Pipit - The user story validator for Jira

Introducing Pipit – The User Story Validator for Jira

User stories and acceptance criterias are the backbone of agile development. Everyone knows badly written user stories provide little value. In extreme cases, they even do more harm than good. Therefore, many best practices and templates exist guiding us to write user stories in a good way.

Whilst providing consulting or coachings for our customers, we often hear “Why is there no such thing as a spell-checker or assistant helping us to write user stories the right way?

And here it is:

Pipit – The User Story Validator for Jira

Pipit is a jira plugin which helps you to write your user stories and acceptance criterias the right way. Using modern text analytics techniques, Pipit identifies issues in your user story text and gives you feedback how to improve it. And all that directly in Jira whilst writing.

Pipit is a Jira plugin which helps you to write good user stories from day one.

Pipit helps you to identify:

  • User stories that do not follow the user story template
  • Missing parts in user stories, e.g. a rationale
  • Phrases that make your text difficult to understand, such as, vague phrases and complicated sentences, …
  • Phrases that will (potentially) lead to missinterpretations, such as, loop holes, …
  • and many more …

You like what you see? Pipit will be available for purchase in Atlassian Marketplace soon.
You want to have it right now? Apply for our private beta and try it for free at https://getpipit.com