Conference Report: QS-Tag Frankfurt

Benedikt and Henning at our booth

Last week, we were at QS-Tag in Frankfurt, Germany. QS-Tag is a great venue for testers and everyone else who is into Quality in Software Engineering. This year’s topic was Expanding Horizons, but the actual topic was AI and Automation. We were present in two talks and I was invited to a panel discussion on the future of AI in Testing. Here are our key takeaways again:

Presentation: Going from Requirements to Tests Automatically

Here, we presented the most recent advancements with specmate, our tool for parsing requirements into test models and generating test cases from the test models.


You can read more about this approach and our experiences here and here. Make sure to try it yourself as well!

Panel: The Future of AI in Testing

I was honored to be invited to the panel on the future of AI in testing. This was actually quite an exciting chance to discuss this current buzz word. The most common agreement was that we should replace AI with Machine Learning, Automation, or whatever technique we are using. This is because at the end, it all depends on the use case. Whatever solves your problem is your technique to chose. However, choose wisely. In the many years that we are now using natural language processing and text analytics, we have learned how to carefully evaluate and pick techniques.

If you want to learn more about these topics, contact me!

Presentation: An Experience Report from Dataport on our Ranorex Test Smell Plugin

In our second presentation, we reported on a study which we performed with our partner Dataport. Dataport is using our Quality Plugin for Ranorex for quite a while already. (If you haven’t heard of it so far, the plugin helps you improving your test suite and keeping good quality over time by automatically detecting typical quality issues of automated tests).

To make the benefit of the plugin more tangible, Dataport performed a systematic study analyzing three projects over a time of 12 month. We compared the measurable improvement over that time with the effort it takes to apply a quality improvement process using our plugin.

Find out more about our Quality Plugin for Ranorex in our blog post or at .

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