Hello Nail!

When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail – the saying goes. Sadly, using a hammer on other things than nails is likely to cause more harm than create a benefit. We make sure, you use the right tool for the right purpose. And if there is no 100% perfect tool, we help you to tailor the 90% solution to make it a 100% fit.

Dr. Maximilian Junker Co-founder and Managing Director

We help you to select the right tool for:

Requirements Engineering

Which requirements engineering tool should I choose? Our experts know most of them and can offer you advice – as well as a systematic analysis which one suites your need: Systematic requirements engineering for requirements engineering tools!

Text Analytics

Natural Language Processing technology moves blazingly fast. What is state-of-the-art today is an old hat tomorrow. We help you to stay on track and select the right set of tools for your text-analysis tasks that get your job done fast and precise. Of course, we also build a new solution for your needs if no existing tool fits your requirements.

Systems Engineering

Modeling tools for Systems Engineering are as wide-spread as they are diverse. Which tool fits my modeling method the best? And does it scale? Questions that are not easily answered. With Qualicen you have a partner that can help you with the answers.

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