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Our Success Stories

I already know Qualicen from their early years. Thanks to our close strategic cooperation, our Daimler analysis pipeline is now also included in Qualicen Scout. As a result, we were able to replace our proprietary solution with Qualicen Scout. Our specification authors use Qualicen's automatic analysis to review our requirement documents and thus benefit directly from the further developments of Qualicen Scout.

Dr. Frank Houdek Research and Development, Manager Teststrategie & Requirements Validation @ Mercedes Benz AG

Our Success Stories

Qualicen was and is an extremely reliable partner for us, delivering outstanding results. Working together, we successfully implemented pragmatic and effective requirements engineering. We developed training courses jointly with Qualicen, which were so well received that we rolled them out across three continents with great impact.

Dr. Christian von Holst Global Tractor Systems Engineering Lead @ John Deere

Our Success Stories

Qualicen helped us to bring more content-related exchange into our requirements engineering and business analysis community. With the help of their exciting lectures and interactive training courses Qualicen made our requirements engineering more effective and efficient.

Dr. Claudia Schindler Lead Business Analysis Community & Senior Solution Architect @ Munich RE

Read from our experts!

Hello Nail!

When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail – the saying goes. Sadly, using a hammer on other things than nails is likely to cause more harm than create a benefit. We make sure, you use the right tool for the right purpose. And if there is no 100% perfect tool, we help you to tailor the 90% solution to make it a 100% fit.

Dr. Maximilian Junker Co-founder and Managing Director

Artifact Quality is Key!

Artifacts have a central role in every project and serve primarily as a means for synchronization between people and for knowledge transfer to prospective project participants. Inadequate descriptions of artifacts lead to unnecessary high project costs. As we see this problem in many real-world scenarios, we have developed Scout: Our answer to poor artifact quality. Scout helps you to improve the quality of requirements as well as test cases and ultimately helps you to achieve project success.

Dr. Benedikt Hauptmann Co-founder and Managing Director

Fits like a glove!

Does it feel like your engineering methods and process have gotten a little rusty? Symptoms are: You do things and don’t know the WHY anymore. You do similar things again and again. More and more defects creep into your products. You start losing the overview over the complexity in your products. Let us help you to modernize your engineering with state-of-the-art methods and processes!

Dr. Maximilian Junker Co-founder and Managing Director

Get up to speed!

Qualicen was founded by five people who loved to teach. Through our hands-on, motivating courses, we vastly improve the learnings, show you opportunities and explain what is relevant. We offer both standard courses and courses specifically tailored for you.

Dr. Henning Femmer Co-founder and Senior Consultant

Stop the waste!

Companies in all domains are executing wasteful processes because of miscommunication, missing understanding of the state of the art, and lack of resources. Let us systematically bring light into your situation with two easy steps: First, we analyze your documents and processes and listen to your people. Then, we draw a map of your main challenges and how you can address them. And with this systematic plan, let's solve those challenges together.

Dr. Henning Femmer Co-founder and Senior Consultant

Join Us and Shape the Future of Software Engineering!

You dream it, we build it!

Qualicen is and always will be a software engineering company. Driven by our passion for modern technologies, we do our best not only to be a part of the advancing digitalization but above all to actively shape it. To this end, we develop disruptive software for our customers and help them implement digital business models.

Dr. Sebastian Eder Co-founder and Software Developer

Our Success Stories

Qualicen excellently combines deep knowledge in the field of software development methods with novel processes and tools. Their special focus is on text analysis, which - as Qualicen impressively demonstrates - can be successfully used in many software engineering areas, for example as a support in creating and checking documents, for quality controls in requirements engineering as well as in test design.

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Manfred Broy President of Centre for the Digitalization of Bavaria (ZD.B), Co-founder of Qualicen GmbH


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