You dream it, we build it!

Qualicen is and always will be a software engineering company. Driven by our passion for modern technologies, we do our best not only to be a part of the advancing digitalization but above all to actively shape it. To this end, we develop disruptive software for our customers and help them implement digital business models.

Dr. Sebastian Eder Co-founder, Managing Director and Lead Software Engineer

We build innovative software for:

Requirements Engineering

Interested in supporting your entire RE process with suitable software? We help you and develop tailor-made solutions to support requirements elicitation, documentation and maintenance.

Test Engineering

Do you want to optimize your test processes and the quality of your test cases? We have an answer: Scout. Thanks to our customizable quality analysis we support you on your way to more precise test cases and help you to reveal all defects in your software.

Text Analytics

Tired of manually processing large amounts of natural language text? Using state-of-the-art NLP technologies, we support you in the automated processing of natural language. You think this doesn't work? Let us prove it!

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