Everything at a glance.

Our dashboard gives you an overview over KPIs, quality trends and hotspots. With Qualicen Scout you can choose from a library of widgets to freely configure the dashboard that you need. Most widgets are interactive and allow you to drill down into the quality data.

Issue Highlighting.

With Scout you can explore the quality findings directly within your documents. Locations with quality issues are highlighted within the document. Using filters you can chose which types of issues you want to display.


Better RE and Test Quality.

Better Transparency.

Better Products.

Real-time Analysis.

As soon as your documents change, Scout will detect this change almost immediately and re-run the analyses for the changed parts. Scout shows you whether new quality issues have been introduced or whether existing issues have been fixed.

Seamless Integration.

Scout integrates with your current tooling landscape: It can import requirements and tests from various sources, including Qualicen PTC Integrity LM, Microsoft TFS, Visual Studio Team Services, GIT, SVN and the file system. Scout also supports LDAP for authentication.