Test Automation Smell Analysis.

Qualicen Plugin for Ranorex Studio helps you improving your test suite and keeping good quality over time. The plugin automatically detects typical quality issues of automated tests, such as instable object recognition, clones in test procedures, or modules which are hard to understand.

Tips & Tricks.

In addition to concrete improvement proposals, Qualicen Plugin for Ranorex gives useful hints towards quality defects, that appear over and over in your test suite. Thus, you and your team will improve over time and increase the quality of your test suite.

Ranorex Quality Analysis Plugin.

Improve quality of automated tests.

Faster test execution and maintenance.

Better Products.

Deep Tool Integration & Real Time Analyses.

Qualicen Plugin for Ranorex Studio embedds seamlessly in Ranorex Studio and performs quality analyses in real time as soon as you change your test suite. The plugin points out potential weak points in your test suite and proposes concrete improvement actions to avoid unnecessary efforts in test execution and maintenance.

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