Speed up Reviews, Unburden Your Team and Improve Quality with the Holmes Quality Assistant

Holmes integrates with your web browser to give you instant quality feedback on your requirements – in every web application and on every website

Does your Team develop complex products? With regulatory requirements?

Do you have a rich ecosystem of supporting tools, like Polarion, Jira or gitHub?

Then find out how Holmes helps you to improve requirements quality, speed up reviews and reduce the need for rework.

Holmes is a requirements quality checker that uses natural language processing (NLP), a branch of artificial intelligence (AI). Holmes is available as a "platform skill" of Semiant, a virtual quality assistant

1. Install the Web Browser Extension

The Holmes Quality Assistant integrates with any web-based application using a web browser extension. This means that Holmes works in virtually every single web application.

We achieve this by partnering up with Semiant, the virtual quality assistant for product development. Qualicen Holmes is not yet enabled in Semiant – please contact us for details.

Semiant in Chrome Store

2. Activate Holmes on Any Website or Web Application

The Extension Icon allows you to activate Holmes on any website or web application. In this screenshot, you see Jama Connect, but this also works in Jira, Confluence, gitHub, Polarion and more.

You can configure what Semiant shall do upon activation.,

3. Analyze and Take Action

Holmes provides you with quality statistics on the content that you have on your screen, giving you quick insights into quality of your specification.

Holmes highlights Problematic text passages directly in the text, making it easy for you to improve the requirements quality.

Holmes is customizable and can take your organization’s quality guidelines into account.

Faster and Better Reviews, Less Rework, Up and Running in Minutes, Available Everywhere

High Quality Requirements

High quality requirements lead to faster and better reviews and less rework.

Seamless and in every tool

As the quality check is available across all web applications and is activated with a single click, it has a high usage and acceptance rate, leading to immediate improvements of requirements quality.

Users following authoring guidelines

Holmes can check your organization's authoring guidelines, drastically improving uptake. This leads to consistency of texts, which makes them easier to read. This in turn helps to spot problems early, thereby saving time and reducing the need for rework.