Qualicen supports you in the systematic introduction
and improvement of model-based systems engineering (MBSE)

Model-based Systems Engineering

Advantages of MBSE

Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE) replaces distributed documents with a central model repository in which a consistent system model is stored. The system model describes the system consistently from the requirements to the technical architecture, including all variants.

The use of MBSE creates the prerequisites for mastering the most complex systems. MBSE realizes many advantages, such as a consistent system description and improved reuse.

Systematic MBSE introduction

We support you in the systematic introduction and improvement of model-based systems engineering based on the SPES modeling framework. For this purpose, we offer various project modules that we can flexibly combine for you in a specific project.

Module 1: Systematic capability assessment and goal definition

In workshops, we review existing method documentation, development outcomes, the development process and the organizational context, and on the basis of the findings, develop recommendations on specific next steps for the further introduction and improvement of MBSE.

Module 2: tailoring and piloting

Based on the results of building block 1, we develop a roadmap for the introduction or improvement of MBSE, for example based on SPES.

In the next step, pilot teams will work with you on the new methodology. We then supervise the pilot teams and conduct regular review workshops.

Module 3: Support during roll-out

This building block is based on the results of building block 2. Starting with a pilot, we develop a concept for how to gradually introduce the method to you.

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