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Requirements Consulting

Set Up Your Software Project for Success

We review your requirements specification and give you feedback on how you can improve your specification. When we perform our reviews, we always keep in mind who will use the specification and for what purpose. In a typical project, we will together with you focus on analysing your goals, implementing the improvements, coaching and tool selection.

Capability & Goal Analysis

In this step we employ a capability model for requirements engineering to define your requirements engineering goals and from that derive the capabilities that you need to develop. In a typical project we perform a couple of workshops with your teams. In these workshops we first discuss the capability model and work on your current problems and your goals. Afterwards we do a deep-dive into selected capabilities and work-out which capabilities match your goal profile and how to integrate them into your process.

Implement Requirements Engineering Improvements

After the capability and goal analysis, we help you to implement the improvements in your requirements engineering process by bridging the gap between theory and practice and support you to implement requirements engineering practices in specific methods and tools.

Training and Coaching

Apart from our general requirements trainings, we offer customized trainings that cover exactly the methods that you want to employ and the tools that you use. After the trainings, our experienced coaches support your teams in the job with regular coaching meetings and additional support on stand-by.

Requirements Tool Selection and Introduction

Over the years we have worked with most requirements engineering tools and know their pros and cons. To find the best tool for you, we combine our experience with a systematic selection to make sure the tools cover your requirements. When you have selected a tool we support you with its introduction.

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