Artifact Quality is Key!

Artifacts have a central role in every project and serve primarily as a means for synchronization between people and for knowledge transfer to prospective project participants. Inadequate descriptions of artifacts lead to unnecessary high project costs. As we see this problem in many real-world scenarios, we have developed Scout: Our answer to poor artifact quality. Scout helps you to improve the quality of requirements as well as test cases and ultimately helps you to achieve project success.

Dr. Maximilian Junker Co-founder and Managing Director

We control the quality in the context of:

Requirements Engineering

Requirements are the cornerstone of every development project. Their quality therefore has a major impact on the success of the projects. Driven by this, we have developed Scout and implemented both syntactic and semantic rules for optimal quality control. Do you want to optimize the quality of your requirements? Then use Scout!

Test Engineering

Faulty or even missing test cases inevitably lead to a wrong product that does not meet customer expectations. We help you to avoid this by automatically analyzing your entire test suite and identifying quality problems. Let us improve your test suite and ultimately your entire test process.

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