How to Awake Your Glossary From Zombie Mode

When we look at requirements documents that are new to us, we often need some help on terms and abbreviations. Creating a glossary to explain these imporant domain terms and abbreviations is a fine idea. It helps new team members to get going, improves the readability of a requirements specification and helps to avoid misunderstandings. The main problem with glossaries is that we create them once and update them only rarely. In consequence, the majority of glossaries are not particulary useful. In this article, Qualicen consultant Maximilian Junker shows how you can get more out of your glossary and keep it always up-to-date.

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Moving in at GATE Garching (with Pictures!)

As most of you know, we moved to the GATE in Garching  (a university town, 20 minutes out of Munich) recently. So in oder to celebrate our new offices, I wanted to share a few pictures from these days with you.

We moved here in December. Engineers as we are, we loved all the assembling! And not too many things broke, actually 😉

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Updates from Qualicen

Hey there!

If you haven’t heard from us at Qualicen in while it, it is because we are fortunately(!) very busy right now. Lot’s of cool projects all over Germany and even up in Sweden. Contact us, if you would like to hear more about these projects or get in contact at one of the following venues.

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Three Perspectives on Requirements Quality: Authors, Reviewers, QA-Engineers

Several roles are concerned with requirements quality. Of course, there is the  requirements author, writing the requirements. But there is also the reviewer, who proof-reads and validates the requirements. And finally, there is the QA-Engineer, responsible for the overall quality of all artifacts created during the engineering process. Each of these roles needs a different view on requirements and different tools  in order to do their work efficiently and achieve a high requirements quality. In this article I am going to show you how the Qualicen products specifically support authors, reviewers and QA-engineers in their work to keep requirements quality high.

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